5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 07 2012

Not everyone can afford A-lister gowns and runway sensations — fortunately, Rent The Runway's new space in the Village is here to let us live the high life (temporarily). (Rent The Runway)
Tuesday tunage comes in the form of Julien Funk & The Painted Thief. And funky, oh it is. Spend your morning perfecting the lyrics, and prepare to sing along at Arlene's Grocery later in the week. (Julien Funk)
It's fare to say the majority of the people riding the MTA are underestimating its full potential. Acting like a Wonka Golden Ticket to the art-world, Nina Boesch gets crafty with the Metrocard. (ANIMAL New York)
Art and fashion have a habit of crossing paths. Letting them truly collide, Erik Madigan Heck blurs the lines as he takes to the lens. (WWD)
For all of you (us included) who've been oh-so-bitter about Union Square's Sephora disruption, expect to eat those words. Whilst we're the least bit supportive of anything or anyone who get between us and our blush brushes, the idea of a nail studio sounds far, far too exciting for us to bear a grudge. (Sephora)
Photo: Via Rent The Runway

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