15 Red Lipsticks To Obsess Over This Spring

A video circulated around the Interwebs back in January about how best to cover up your dark circles with...wait for it...red lipstick. Naturally, it took the blogosphere by storm; because, if Internet readers love anything , it's a totally bonkers beauty hack. 

Whether the trick is truly effective or not, we couldn't help but cringe at the idea of using our precious and coveted red lipsticks for something that would ultimately suppress their pigmented beauty. Call us crazy, but they're one of our favorite makeup staples, and the idea of wasting even a swipe or two isn't something we can completely get behind.

So, in honor of the upcoming spring season (any day now!), we rounded up some of the newest and best red lipsticks to actually wear on your lips — or, you know, to tackle those dark circles, if you're into that. But, we're sure you'll agree, these hues are way too pretty to cover up. 

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