The Most Popular Coffee Shops In Paris, According To Instagram

Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
France has been doing a lot of things really well for a really long time: architecture, wine, cheese, sounding sexy...Coffee was certainly not one of them. Akin to drinking watered down synthetic motor oil, coffee in Paris was unapologetically bad. The coffee “experience” consisted of consuming an entirely unremarkable cup with a croissant. Until recently.

If your Instagram feed has been any indication, the City of Lights has finally seen the light when it comes to caffeinating. The Parisian coffee revolution has exploded onto the specialty coffee scene and the révolution is being televised Instagrammed. What makes these cafés more Instagram-worthy than anywhere else in the world (bold statement, I know, but after four trips to Paris in two years, I stand by it) is the innate insouciance they exude. Unlike the rest of the world, being effortlessly cool is what the French do. Now they’ve applied that very same je ne sais quoi to coffee.

Oscar Wilde once sensibly said, “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” Here are five reasons to get to Paris, have a cup of java, and nonchalantly snap the perfect photo long before then.
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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
1. Ob-La-Di Café
Giving Australians a serious run for their money, these Parisians know how to craft a near perfect coffee shop. But first, let’s start with the location: It’s also pretty damn near perfect. In the Marais (hipster ground zero, in a good way), Ob-La-Di is in the heart of great shopping (Isabel Marant is down the road) and fantastic restaurants (the best margs and guacamole in Paris are next door at Candelaria.)
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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
Opened just this past June, the coffee here is not an afterthought. It’s outstanding, along with the pastries, tartines, avocado toast, and granola — much of which is homemade, organic, and even vegan. The beans are from Café Lomi and the barista honed his craft at Boot Café. It doesn’t hurt that the roses, tiled floors, copper detailing, cacti, and ceramic dishes are all merciless in their appeal to be Instagrammed. Extra points for getting a snap in the “Ob-La-Di” emblazoned black leather biker jacket.

Ob-La-Di Café

54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003

3rd Arrondissement

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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
2. Honor
Having had a cappuccino here almost every morning for two weeks straight, I can attest that Honor deserves all the accolades (and Instagram love) it has received since opening in February. This speciality coffee shop is singularly special in that it is essentially a chic kiosk in a unsuspecting courtyard tucked off Saint Honoré. Honor reveals its quaint gloriousness slowly. In other words, it takes a minute a) to find it and b) to appreciate just how cool it is.
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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
Started by two expat lovers (yes, even the story of Honor’s start is that cute), Daniel and Angelle are living the caffeinated English-Australian Dream. With beans from the revered Coutume Café, they offer everything from Flat Whites to take-away flasks of iced coffee called “Night Brew.” The superb pastries, salads, and sandwiches are from Broken Biscuits. Honorable mention to the BLCT. Honor adds cheese to its BLT because, honestly, why not?

Pro tip:
Don’t let inclement weather deter you; there’s covered seating on the backside.

54 Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré, 75008

8th Arrondissement
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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
3. Café Kitsuné
Clothing? Check. Music? Check. Coffee? Check. Matcha? CHECK. If you were under the assumption that Kitsuné was just in the business of fashion, well, you’d be empirically incorrect. Part record label, part fashion label, Kistuné has been doing groovy things for our ears and our bods since 2002. In 2012, they added mouths to that list with the inception of the first Café Kitsuné in Tokyo. Two years later, the Parisian outpost made its grand entrance.
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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
You can capture countless moments here, not only because of Kitsuné’s skill at consistently creating a culture of cool, but also due to its auspicious positioning. A stone’s throw from the Louvre and shopping of Faubourg St. Honoré, Café Kitsuné opens up onto the courtyard and gardens of the strikingly scenic Palais Royal. If the matcha tea lattes and fox-shaped cookies don’t ignite insufferable coffee envy, the surroundings will.

Café Kitsuné at Royal Palace
51 Galerie Montpensier, 75001
1st Arrondissement
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Photo: Kinfolk.
4. Holybelly
Need more than some granola with your latte? Perhaps you drank a little too much at Le Baron the night before (zero judgement). If the answer is yes, then Holybelly is your place. After spending time in Melbourne, Vancouver, and New York, Nico Alary decided to do something about the disconnect between great coffee and great food in Paris.
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Photo: Kinfolk.
At Holybelly, Nico and his partner, Sarah, deliver a fresh seasonal menu of eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, you name it. However, these are not your average flapjacks. Try pancakes with a fried egg, crispy bacon, bourbon butter, and maple syrup. It doesn’t stop there. The espresso beans are by Belleville Coffee and the bread is from the nearby Du Pain et des Idées (a.k.a. one of the best, if not the best, bakery in Paris.) Basically, you’re leaving Holybelly really full — but in an insouciant, Parisian way.


19 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010

10th Arrondissement
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Photo: Kristen Pelou.
5. Loustic
If you’re a fan of prints, tiles, or patterns, this one’s for you. Designed by one of my all-time personal favorites, Dorothée Meilichzon, Loustic is a source of nourishment in far more ways than one. From the inviting banquet enclaves to the hearty breakfast and lunch options, Loustic sets the standard quite high for independent specialty coffee shops in Paris.
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Photo: Kristen Pelou.
Loustic’s beans are sourced from Caffènation, a highly lauded roaster in Antwerp. The owner, Channa Galhenage, is a purist. He is serious about quality coffee in an unserious setting. After all, Loustic means “smart aleck.” Like many of the other shops in this roundup, the organic and vegan options are plentiful: quiche, kale salads, sandwiches, and BAGELS. It’s no Sadelle’s, but hey.

, 40 rue Chapon, 75003
3rd Arrondissement
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Photo: Roxana Inès Gray Saidi.
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