The Most Popular Coffee Shops In Paris, According To Instagram

France has been doing a lot of things really well for a really long time: architecture, wine, cheese, sounding sexy...Coffee was certainly not one of them. Akin to drinking watered down synthetic motor oil, coffee in Paris was unapologetically bad. The coffee “experience” consisted of consuming an entirely unremarkable cup with a croissant. Until recently.
If your Instagram feed has been any indication, the City of Lights has finally seen the light when it comes to caffeinating. The Parisian coffee revolution has exploded onto the specialty coffee scene and the révolution is being televised Instagrammed. What makes these cafés more Instagram-worthy than anywhere else in the world (bold statement, I know, but after four trips to Paris in two years, I stand by it) is the innate insouciance they exude. Unlike the rest of the world, being effortlessly cool is what the French do. Now they’ve applied that very same je ne sais quoi to coffee.
Oscar Wilde once sensibly said, “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” Here are five reasons to get to Paris, have a cup of java, and nonchalantly snap the perfect photo long before then.

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