1 Girl, 4 Looks: A Jet-Set Blogger's Perfect NYC Wardrobe

UPDATE: It's officially Friday, so why not celebrate a little TGIF with some major color inspo? This story was originally published on February 22.
These days, there are so many style bloggers breaking onto the scene, it can be tough to keep track. With all the overstyled, layers-on-layers-on-layers, impossible-to-duplicate outfits on tap, we find ourselves hungry for someone who truly breaks the mold—and offers tips that are actually relatable. So, whenever we scroll through Brit blogger Peony Lim's fashion oasis, it feels like a breath of fresh air. The globe-trotting (London! NYC! Asia!) blogger-slash-consultant-slash-stylist wears so many hats it's hard to keep track, and she does it all while rocking totally whimsical outfits that are just plain fun.
We got the chance to catch up with Peony during a whirlwind NYFW trip, and she let us take a peek at her to-die-for winter wardrobe. Plus, she dished her so-helpful tips for everything from last-minute packing and dressing for your body type to her favorite shops in the Big Apple. Click through to see her school us in the art of mixing prints—and rocking color!—and find out how she manages to look so darn flawless. All. The. Time.
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What are the most important things you've learned as your blog and site have evolved?
"I became a blogger out of the street style movement. So, I think when street style really took off a couple of years ago, there was a tendency to feel as if you had to dress crazy. It had to be all jumbled prints and textures. That's not really my style. I think the hardest thing through that period — when that was what everyone wanted — was to stay true to yourself. The more you give in to that, you just become like the masses. Then, your blog isn't a commodity anymore. I think that was the most valuable thing: Being different."

Gap hat, Sportmax coat, Prada clutch, vintage Levi's jeans, Zara sweater, Manolo Blahnik heels, Hermès belt.
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You're a jill-of-all-trades (blogger, stylist, consultant, etc.). What is your favorite hat to wear?
"Being a dog mother! I have a miniature dachshund, she's really tiny and cute. I get so sad when I travel, so I always imagine how excited I would be if she just walked in the room right now."
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Before Fashion Month started, what were you most looking forward to?
"The end of Fashion Month."

What was your favorite show of NYFW?
"Alexander Wang. You can't go wrong, can you?"
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When you're not at Fashion Week and it's just a normal day for you, what types of outfits are you wearing?
"I'm just very practical. I basically wear trousers most of the time. I wear boyfriend or skinny jeans. That's pretty much it."
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You're traveling so much this month for all the shows, do you have any secrets to packing?
"This is my super amazing packing tip, and I promise you it works: You pack each outfit on a hanger inside a garment bag. Then, you fold them all into a loop and roll them around the hangers — it traps air in between, so you don't get any creases. When you take them out, you just lift them out and put them into your closet. All the outfits are laid out — I even put the necklaces on and everything. All the accessories, like the shoes, go inside the bags, so you can't forget anything."

Isolda London skirt and top, Alaïa jacket, Ottica Mantovani sunglasses.
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Peony shows off her Rolex watch and antique rings.
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What differences do you see in New Yorkers vs. London fashion, or other cities that you travel to?
"I think New Yorkers have this amazing thing where it's impossible to be overdressed. It's also impossible to be underdressed — for anything — because it's equally cool to be incredibly dressed up as it is to be the chilled out person in a beanie. In London, there's a dress code, and you feel really inappropriate if you're in the wrong thing."

Chanel flats, Calezdonia tights.
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What trends and pieces are you looking forward to wearing this spring?
"I don't really do trends. I kind of just look forward to my classic pieces coming out again, like vintage pieces. Vintage tea dresses, and I have a whole load of cork shoes that are completely made of cork. I love them in the summer as well."
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Who do you look to for influence in your wardrobe?
"My mom. She doesn't really like my handbags, but other than that, we tend to agree. We'll see what she thinks of [my handbags] in this story."

Mother jeans, Zara jacket, vintage scarf, Manolo Blahnik heels, Céline bag.
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A closeup of Peony's Céline bag and antique rings.
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Is there any trend that you won't try?
"Leggings as pants. They are not pants! I don't need to see that much! And, I really just hate ill-fitting clothes. You know when you see someone and they're wearing something two sizes too small or too big? That is not flattering!"
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What magazines, websites, and blogs do you read?
"Obviously I read French Vogue and British Vogue. Online I read Jak & Jil, oh, and Food Gawker. It's a food blog for recipes and it's really good. Once you're addicted to it you check every day and decide what to have for lunch!"
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What are your tips or suggestions for readers who admire your outfits, and want to reinterpret your looks for themselves?
"I either dress in a specific color or in a cut. So, my priority is to show a specific cut or, like today, this blue is all within a color palette. I think that's the easiest way to mimic something. Either you're looking for say, a mini skirt with a biker jacket, which is a certain silhouette, or you're looking for all within a gray palette or with softer tones.

Whenever you see someone walking down the street and you think they look amazing, 90% of the time I look at the silhouette because it's amazing or because the colors are amazing. It's not the individual pieces that you see. It's one or the other."

Pure Collection hat and sweater, Zara and My Flash Trash necklaces.
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What are some of your favorite places to visit in the city? Any restaurants?
"I love Bubby's, and the fried chicken! I also go to the Manolo Blahnik opposite the MoMA here, because they always stock completely different stuff from the UK. And Bergdorfs! I'm an old-fashioned person. I also love Shake Shack — we love all the fast food stuff, because it's just not the same in England. I love the hot dogs from Papaya Dog."

ASOS jacket, Chanel bag, J Brand jeans, bracelet purchased in Florence.
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The Chanel bag in all its glory.
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When the shows are all over, how do you plan on relaxing?
"I find that it never works like that. You always think it's going to happen — you're going to get a week off — and then something goes wrong. I'll get the flu or a chest infection because I'm so run down from Fashion Month. I get back from Paris and I'm in bed for a week.

Other times, I find that you hit a burst right after everyone's seen you everywhere, they're all e-mailing you because they've finally remembered that you exist. So then work is twice as busy anyway. So, no, but I would love to go on holiday!"

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