Tips Of The Trade: How To Plan A Party C/O NYC's Chicest Duo

Something about the summertime makes us want to Party (yes, with a capital P). And, because it's only Tuesday, we thought it necessary to break out a little super-luxe fiesta eye-candy for your mid-week afternoon slump. So, we tapped the best-of-the-best in party planning, Tala Yasseri and Andrea Rajacic of The New York Issue, to give us the low-down on their always elegant, sometimes raucous fetes. Think: a Prabal Gurung fashion week event that starts at a candlelit dinner and ends in dancing and Page Six.
Obviously, we tapped their skills for our own 30 Under 30 soiree, so we might be partial when it comes to ranking their best endeavor, but we'd be hard pressed to find a party they'd throw that we'd leave early (that is, if we left a party early). Click through for awesome NYC event-planning tips of the trade and take notes — you never know when they'll come in handy (hint: FNO).
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"We work with a variety of different catering companies such as 'Feast and Fetes,', 'Creative Edge,' and 'Olivier Chang'. However, we have also worked with private chefs that will design a menu with us and cater smaller dinner parties or private gatherings."

"Staffing is always tricky because these people will be interacting with the client and their guests, therefore our team always does extensive interview and training sessions with any staff that we hire from any company. Everyone working for us represents our company and any vendors that we hire fall under TNYI umbrella, therefore we spare no efforts when it comes to teaching all of our in-house staff and anyone that we hire how to act, dress, how much make-up to wear, what not/to do, etc."

Photos: Courtesy of The New York Issue
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Digital Design
"TNYI has an excellent team of in-house digital and graphic designers that custom design everything, from event invites, to proposals, menu designs and any other branding that a customer might need — like step and repeats, banners, or posters."

Photos: Courtesy of The New York Issue
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"We usually get our flowers directly from the Flower District — we like to browse the seasons freshest blooms and create our own arrangements. For larger events, we prefer to work with companies like Raquel Corvino, Ovando, and L'Olivier."

Photos: Courtesy of The New York Issue
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"We have worked with amazing DJ's such as Lady Miss Kier and Mia Moretti. We love a good variety, and some of our favorite DJs, amongst the ones previously named, are Nicolas Jaar, Julio Santo Domingo, Marjorie Gubelmann, and Chelsea Leyland."

Photos: Courtesy of The New York Issue
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"Obviously we always work with either BFA or PMC, depending on who the client prefers. But, we also have an in-house fashion photographer that covers our events with another angle. We instruct them on what details to capture and what aspects of each event to focus on, what mood to bring out. Our in-house videographer is also on hand to document the set-up and during event action.

These videos, which capture the mood of an event through music and lighting as well as visuals, allow the client to relive their event whenever they'd like. The client may also use them on their website, and they can also be used as a fantastic marketing tool."

"Depending on who the client needs to reach, we have various PR specialists who have well-developed contact bases in different sectors: uptown crowds, downtown crowds, print media press (American or European), media outreach and coverage, bloggers, and more."

Photos: Courtesy of The New York Issue
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"We love the idea of taking discreet and unusual spaces and turning them into great event venues — think: raw lofts, outdoor parking lots, galleries, and warehouses. However, we also have a huge appreciation for beautiful, grand spaces such as The New York Public Library, The Armory, the Milk Studios Penthouse, and The Nomad and The Plaza Hotels."

"We currently have an amazing in-house person that does all of our A/V production. They have studied lighting design and production and have an eye for TNYI aesthetics, which makes it easy for us and our clients because very little explanation is ever needed to get the right effect. They follow up with the latest technology in projections, light boxes, and lighting aspects that can really take an event to the next level. When larger production is needed, we turn to 'Caramel' - one of the best in the industry."

Photos: Courtesy of The New York Issue

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