14 Beauty Tips From Cool Old Ladies

There are some vintage beauty tips we greet with hearty eye rolls. After all, there are new products on the market, new technologies have been invented, and most of us aren't slathering on cold cream every night in order to land a beau. The skin-care rules our grandmothers cling to tend to be more relic than reasonable. So, we smile and nod, but don't always take their advice to heart.

But, every once in a while, nanna will throw out an idea so brilliant, you wonder why you hadn't thought of it before. Or, maybe it's a technique you've watched her do time and time again since you were a kid. Each one of us likely has a trick up our sleeves that was passed down from Grandma. And, for that, we're thankful.

Ahead, find the best (and, okay, occasionally just wackiest) beauty wisdom we've gathered from the coolest old ladies we know: our very own grandmothers. Modern skin care may have its advantages. But, like the cookies she'd bake you when you were younger, this advice was made with love.

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