10 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Order Now For Valentine's Day

Forget about Netflix and chill, right now it's all about Amazon Prime and commitment. Why? Because Prime has our backs for those last-minute those Valentine's Day gifts that we "forgot" to order in a timely manner. We may be past the deadline for certain bouquets and gourmet goods from favorite online boutiques, but lucky for us, there's another way to save Valentine's Day from total ruin.
Ahead we've rounded up the ten cupid-approved items you can (and should) order now to show that special someone that you actually are capable of planning ahead. (Sort of.) Whether it's a mini heart-shaped frying pan for a culinary honey or a tin of Tabasco chocolate for the spicy work wife, the quick and quirky gifts ahead are anything but forgetful.
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This aroma diffuser-dried-flower-snow globe contraption just emits Valentine's Day romance essence into the air.

Ycind Essential Oil Diffuser, $26.99, available at Amazon.
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Give this heart-shaped, Friends-inspired mug to any (or all) of your special lobster friends.

Artisan Owl You're My Lobster Mug, $14.75, available at Amazon.
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This body pillow isn't just for boyfriends — it's here to support all SOs, singles, and friends on V-Day.

The Original Boyfriend Pillow Body Pillow, $34.99, available at Amazon.
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This pretty faux succulent is the perfect gift for a loved one who can't keep a damn plant alive.

Handmade Faux Succulent Aloe Plant In Copper Rose Gold Metallic Vase, $24.99, available at Amazon.
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Say "I love you," the right way to an olive-lover in your life.

Kateaspen Olive You Olive Tray & Spreader, $7.69, available at Amazon.
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May your Valentine always drink in secret style.

Bosmix Booze Bangle Bracelet, $13.99, available at Amazon.
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"Will You Marry Me?" is just one lovey option for this V-Day present — we're thinking about going with "Will You Eat French Fries With Me?" instead.

Cosihome Cinematic Light Box, $19.99, available at Amazon.
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Bourbon lovers will rejoice over this gilded boozy candle from JA.

Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop-Scented Candle, $42, available at Amazon.
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Have anyone in your life that's extra spicy-sweet? This Tabasco chocolate tin will do the trick.

Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges, $21 (3-pack), available at Amazon.
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For making heart-shaped pancakes, omelettes, frittatas, hash browns etc. The V-Day breakfast options are endless!

Ecolution 6-Inch Heart-Shaped Pan, $9.60, available at Amazon.
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