If You Hated Boho Before...You Actually Might Like It Now

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
Boho is one of those looks that you either get, or you really, really don't. Most people never dip a toe into crocheted dresses or fringed floral kimonos, and if you do, you're probably living that life 24/7. However, this new version of boho we're seeing these days is less about a sort of barefoot, frolicking-in-a-prairie-on-LSD vibe we've become used to seeing, and a little more about a barefoot, frolicking-in-the-Cote-d'Azur-with-rosé life.

It's got the same carefree, hippie, romantic soul as the old boho, but the new boho is a little more streamlined and sleek, and plays around with more out-there shapes and silhouettes. Click through for six women who've embraced this second wind...and see if you don't change your mind yourself.

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