The New (Awesome) Way To Wear Neons

Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Neon makeup can be a terrifying conquest. Those fluorescent fuchsias and lime greens may look gorgeous in their respective pots and tubes, but the second they hit your face, the shades can become super campy. Not great.
Well, this summer, we're turning the vivid-makeup game on its head. Instead of the over-the-top color pops you tend to see in the warmer months, we're upgrading your creamy pastels, giving them a neon bite. The best part? These shades are so much easier to wear.
To prove it, we enlisted the help of makeup guru Janessa Paré, who offered up this advice: "The most important factor in pulling off vivid colors like this is your skin," she says. "Even though this may look like swipe-on-and-go makeup, you really need to take a second to make sure your base makeup and your skin are in good shape."
Once you've got your foundation under control, you can dive right into your brights for an electric daytime look. Stepping out at night? These updated neons transition beautifully for evenings as well. Yes, they're that versatile.
Click through to see how to make these creamy neon hues work for you. You may just find yourself wondering why you ever feared fluorescent in the first place.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Electric Lavender
You may be wearing a bright lip, but that doesn't mean the rest of your makeup should fall by the wayside. That said, you also don't want to reach for equally standout hues. "Keep the rest of the makeup warm and monochromatic," Paré says. "Add a swipe of bronzer to the cheekbones, and use a warm cream eyeshadow around the eyes."
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
The warm, bronze shades will neutralize your look while still adding a pop of color. "They keep your skin looking very healthy," Paré says.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Peach Sorbet
Have you ever attempted to concentrate your lip hue to the center of your pout, only to have it bleed all over the place? Paré suggests prepping your lips before you apply your shade. "When doing a center pout color, it's important to have a base or primer on the lips," she says. "It keeps the texture on the whole lip looking healthy. Plus, the color grabs evenly."
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Once the hue was in place, Paré gently blended the orange shade toward the outer corners, so the most intense pigment was in the center of the lips and then gently faded out. "You also want to fill in your brows," she says. "It will balance this bright lip and keep you looking more polished."
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Neon Beige
Yes, even neutrals, like a bright white, can be neon. But, it's not just the intensity of color that makes this so bold — the shape of the ivory liner helps give the look a high-impact effect.

Paré started by outlining the natural crease of the eye in white. "To expose your natural contour, tilt your chin back and gaze downward into a mirror," she says. Once you've got the shape, you can fill it in with your eyeliner.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
To make the white extra bright, Paré outlined the almond shape in brown. "For added dimension, apply the shadow above your ivory shape, fading into the brow," she says. "You should also blend it to the outer one-third of the lower lashline." The brown acts as a shadow, which contrasts the liner and helps it pop even more.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Magnetic Mint
Mint may be a pastel, but we love how this color pops as an eye hue. The easiest way to pull it off is with a fade-out liner. Like the ombré lip, this focuses the pigment at one point — here, the inner corner of the eye — and then gently diminishes as it extends outward.

Keep in mind that the triangle shape at the inner corner of your eye will add some unexpected dimension, but not everyone can pull it off. "If you've got closer-set eyes, you can flip that shape to the outer corners," Paré says.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
To round everything out and balance the bright green, Paré added a pinky-brown shade to the lips and cheeks.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Not-So-Mellow Yellow
A thick, bright wash of color is the ultimate way to conquer this trend. But, even though it appears as if there's just one shade of yellow on the lids here, Paré actually layered on two hues.

"Apply a cream shadow at the lashline, and fade upward with your finger," she says. "Then, use a powder and apply it over the cream, using the same technique." Stacking the two textures will help this makeup really pop.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
The issue with a full wash is that it can make your eyes appear sickly, Paré says. To combat this, she applied a white liner to the lower waterline. "It will open the eye and make it appear whiter," she says.
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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
P.M. Pastels
Bright shades, like a Pepto-pink pout, can transition to nighttime. You just have to ditch your fears of being heavy-handed with your makeup. Paré used a blush similar in color to the lipstick shade, which concentrates the vivid pink hue at the center of the face.

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Photographed by Tom Corbett.
While the pink lip is bright and cheerful, it's the subtly moody eye makeup that really takes this from sweet to sultry. Paré added an indigo shade to the inner waterline to create balance on the cheeks and lips. "Adding a rich color liner will keep the theme and make the look more dramatic and sexy," she says. To finish, she tapped on a taupe shadow to round out the entire eye.
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