How To Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup Products

Ingeborg has quickly become one of Refinery’s favorite makeup artists. She not only has an incredibly pleasant demeanor (hey, it's always a plus!), but she possesses an artistic approach to cosmetics that goes above and beyond a method of application.

You see, Ingeborg rarely applies a single product — she’s constantly mixing up formulas to get just the right color, finish, or feel she hopes to achieve. That’s why when she offered to share her on-set secrets, we were all ears.

Click through to find out how to make your favorite beauty products do double (even TRIPLE) duty this season. You'll find everything from a technique for a healthy, kissable pout to directions for the easiest summer glow around. (And, feel free to share your own favorite mixtures in the comments.)
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Concealer + Highlighter
“This is the perfect combination for a fresh, rested, and slightly luminous no-makeup eye look,” Ingeborg says. Just put a dab of your favorite luminous concealer on top of your hand, and then spoon a little bit of your favorite cream highlighter (or use just a drop of a liquid formula, if you please) right into the mix. Blend it in evenly, and then “apply with your fingertips on the top eyelid, from the lashline to the crease, and blend.” This is also a quick and easy way to “blur out” imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles in the corners of your eyes.
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Cream Shadow + Glitter Pigment
“Cream shadow works as the perfect base for a loose-shimmer pigment, because the pigment really grabs onto the cream for a dimensional, shimmering version of a smoky eye,” Ingeborg says. You can either mix the two on the back of your hand or simply layer them for a more traditional approach. Don’t be scared to play with unexpected color combinations — you never know what bright-blue glitter could do when mixed with a great nude-pink shadow.
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Facial Oil + Blush
“A drop of your favorite oil mixed with cream blush will give you the healthiest glow when applied to the very high points of the cheekbones,” Ingeborg says.
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Lip Balm + Red Lipstick
“Homeoplasmine is my go-to for soothing the lips,” Ingeborg says. “But, I discovered that if you mix it with your favorite red or berry lipstick, and then apply with your fingertips, you’ll get a fresh, sheer, balmy, and natural-looking lip.”
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Eight Hour Cream + Red Lipstick
“This same rule applies if you mix your favorite lipstick in with Eight Hour Cream, except you get a super-high-shine version,” Ingeborg says.
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Self-Tanner + Body Lotion
“One of my favorite tricks on photo shoots to give a little glow to the arms and legs is to grab Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs — the shimmer-free, most natural-looking spray-tan product — and mix it right in with a creamy body lotion to make it sheer and streak-free. This slightly evens out and warms up the skin,” Ingeborg says.
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Serum + Tinted Moisturizer
“A drop of serum through any super-sheer foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream will basically give you a super-hydrating formula for when you need a bit more radiance and care,” Ingeborg explains. “It’s great for tired city skin.”
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Bronzer + BB Cream
“For the most natural-looking, sun-kissed face, mix one drop of liquid bronzer with your BB cream for a fresh, even glow that’s much easier to blend than any tricky powders,” Ingeborg says.
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