Marios Schwab Wants More Plus-Size Women Wearing His Bodycon Threads

It's no secret that Marios Schwab is slowly but surely been stealing the hearts — and infiltrating the closets — of Hollywood's most wanted. His barely-there, clingy concoctions have created some of the red carpet's most awesomely jaw-dropping moments in recent memory. Kristen Stewart, Gemma Arterton, Emily Blunt, Andrea Riseborough, and Jessica Chastain are all fully paid-up members of Team Schwab, and we're still reeling after that Naomie Harris Skyfall world-premiere dress. Like, next-level stunning.
Aside from regularly washing up on the red carpet, it's true that Team Schwab has another thing in common. They possess slim body frames that fall within the 'conventionally attractive' bracket, right? Given the bodycon nature of Schwab's femme fatale creations, the reason for this might seem obvious. But Mr Schwab disagrees.
He gives the recent example of an Italian woman, who as size 18 had to come to him directly to get her perfect dress: "I think she looked gorgeous. She had the belt on, she looked quite curvaceous; she looked really beautiful," the LFW fave says in an interview with the Telegraph. "Believe it or not, there are not many stores that buy size 18, which is a bit of a shame. So, we had to make it specially for her."
"People say you design clothes that are very body-conscious, but at the same time it doesn't necessarily have to be a size six or 10. It can be a size 16. It's about confidence whether you can carry the dress," he continues. "That's what makes fashion an interpretation of your personality."
Marios, we couldn't agree more. Now we just need to wait for the stores to play catch-up.

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