What Fashion Insiders Really Wear On Their Nails

Fashion Week is not just about what goes down the runway. Of course, there's also street style: the ritual of dressing well and going to shows to see models who are (hopefully) dressed even better — and then documenting it on the blogs. But, what would happen if we were to turn that voyeuristic look at the industry into something even more intimate? Something like, say, a peek at the taste makers' manicures?
That's exactly what Deborah Lippmann — who's been painting tips and toes at NYFW with her namesake brand for years — did this season. Backstage, Deborah is the warm, friendly godmother of nail polish who everyone knows and loves. So, when she turned her iPhone into a mani cam, we were intrigued: Who would she snap? What kinds of polishes would catch her eye?
Click through to see the nails Deborah captured this week, with commentary by her — then, let us know your favorite below.
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Photo: Deborah Lippmann
The Beauty Editor

"This fall, nail art is all about simplicity," says Deborah. "I love the way this editor chose to use negative space to create a graphic, yet romantic look. Plus, at Fashion Week, black is arguably considered the official color of backstage. This manicure could go with anything."
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Photo: Deborah Lippmann
The Fashion Publicist

"This is the perfect high-shine, opaque nude manicure," she says. "To play off of the pink undertones in her skin, this PR superwoman chose Modern Love, my modern, mauve lacquer. It's also one of the most popular colors I use backstage at Fashion Week, since it's a pretty universal nude — it has the ideal balance of dusty, purple undertones...But, more importantly, I love her strong oval shape, which is very on-trend for fall. To create this look, don’t ‘saw’ back and forth. Instead, gently run the file across the nail in one direction. Beginning at the outside edge, pull towards the center and repeat."
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Photo: Deborah Lippmann
The Fashion Journalist

"The most beautiful hand is one that's healthy and groomed," the nail guru tells us. "I love the natural, round shape of her nails and her sheer, nude lacquer! I always say that your hands show your age first. So, even if you don’t have time to put on polish, it’s important to make sure that you're consistently applying lotion and drinking lots of water."
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Photo: Deborah Lippmann
The Photographer

"Glitter is glam!" says Deborah. "I noticed while backstage that black and white are very popular manicure colors. I loved this photographer’s clever take on the trend: With multidimensional glitter and unique shapes, this nail stands out above the rest. During a hectic time like Fashion Week, glitter can also mask small chips easily. Use the tip of your brush, and gently dab it into small imperfections. Allow the lacquer to dry completely before applying a single coat of a high-shine topcoat."
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Photo: Deborah Lippmann
Beauty Blogger

"Peacocking happens!" she says. "Everyone is dressing his or her best during Fashion Week: After all, this is the time to see and be seen. One of the gorgeous beauty writers I had the chance to speak with backstage took this mantra to the next level with these playful, peacock-feathered nail stickers."

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