If These Walls Could Talk: A Guide to L.A.'s Neatest Street Art

Sometimes it’s impossible not to feel like you’re on constant ADD mode — the phone is going aggro, endless emails bombard your inbox, apps demand to be updated — it’s just overall iOverload! And, instead of relying on our own memory to show us the way, we use navigation to find our destinations. But sometimes, it pays to ditch the technology and get lost in Los Angeles where the walls surrounding us are decorated with some of the best street art in the U.S.
To prove our point, we've scoured SoCal's nooks, crannies, alleys, and boulevards to bring you some of the most vivid tagging around town. So, go ahead, roam our slideshow, and give us the coordinates of your fave graff wonders while you're at it.
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What: A wave of hyper-real electrical outlets has hit the L.A. streets. The message is up for interpretation, but we wouldn't mind an actual outlet to charge our smartphones at Sunset Junction!
Where: Sandborn Avenue (at Sunset).
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What: Askew of New Zealand teamed up with local artist Zes to create this mural as a part of the L.A. Freewalls Project. The two used the building as a blank slate, sending a political message that certainly packs a punch.
Where: 3rd Street (at 4th Place).
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What: In the street-art scene, you need to be a pro at the game of hide-and-seek. We just wonder how this anonymous artist kept himself invisible at the busy L.A. intersection!
Where: Melrose Avenue (at North La Brea).
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What: Curtis Kulig, an NYC street artist and photographer, has quite the resume — he was the Creative Director for HBO's How to Make it in America, conceptualized campaigns for Carhartt, Vans, Bobbi Brown, and Smashbox, and even gave Joe Jonas's See No More album cover a little street cred. But, the project we love most is this one.
Where: Fairfax Avenue (between Oakwood Avenue and Beverly Boulevard).
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What: L.A.-based street artist and political commentator Free Humanity bestows some wisdom with his latest work on Sunset in Hollywood. His mission? "Taking back the humanity stolen from our minds by social manipulation and planting seeds of positivity through art and consciousness.” We think Kate Moss would approve of this message!
Where: Sunset Boulevard (at Seward Street).
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What: This colorful piece, also by Free Humanity, features another style icon: Audrey Hepburn. The quotes reads: "The best thing we hold onto in life is each other."
Where: Sunset Boulevard (at Seward Street).
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What: Tony Tee of Behold Longevity scores major street-art points with this homage to Laker greats above the 101. We hope it brings them some luck this coming season. Let's go Lakers!
Where: Hollywood Boulevard (at Van Ness).

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What: L.A. street artist Duce celebrated the release of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' sophomore studio album with a mural dedicated to the group — the ultimate fan art!
Where: Fairfax Avenue (between Oakwood and Rosewood avenues).

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What: "(Heart) Who You Are" is the cryptic message within this colorful mural (most miss it when they speed on by!). We just wish we knew who created it — we'd really like to share the love!
Where: Santa Monica Boulevard (between Gateway and Sanborn avenues).
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What: Here's another mural from the "(Heart) Who You Are" series. This one features graffiti that's been added since the original artist, but we're kind of digging the collaborative effort!
Where: Santa Monica Boulevard (between Gateway and Sanborn avenues).
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What: L.A. street art vets, Risk and Seen, light up downtown's walls with vibrant colors and keep it grounded with funky tags.
Where: 4th Place (at Alameda).

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