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The Slightly Embarrassing Way I Keep My Shirts In Place

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When it's cold outside (real talk for a minute, though — how is it still cold outside?), your brain feels like cotton, and the only thing preventing you from diving back under your duvet is a nagging sense of responsibility to earn a paycheck. When you finally get up, there's one outfit you inevitably reach for: An oversized sweater and a loose-fit blouse. Sure, it's comfy, but it's also great at making you look more pulled-together than you feel. The only downside is that the softer and silkier the shirt, the less it seems to stay put.

Tired of digging my collar from the middle of my back, and tugging at my shirttails during meetings during the day, I came up with a, let's say, slightly unorthodox way to prevent any movement at all. It's definitely going to prohibit you from taking your sweater off in public, but if you know you won't have to, and you find shirt-migration to be as much of a nuisance as I did, this tip might work for you. Now, excuse me while I pretend this video of me doesn't exist on the Internet...

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How To Keep Your Shirts In PlaceReleased on April 9, 2015