How To Resurrect A Way-Old Styling Rule

On our Sirius radio show a few weeks back, we got a question about a rule that calls for matching your stockings to your shoes. Our response was a resounding "Huh?" — not only had we never heard of such a rule, but we thought it might come off in a weirdly retro, mod-gone-manic sort of way. The look is a tad Old World, to say the least, and awfully restrictive for day-to-day life. But, when it comes to a styling trick to tweak your ladylike heels into slightly bizarre territory (which is something we're always up for), we think it's just the thing. Need evidence? Take a peek at the Jonathan Saunders runway for inspiration.
Taupe hose was paired with taupe pumps, nude stockings with nude booties, berry socks with berry heels, and dark gray tights with dark gray zip-ups. The effect was an off-kilter moment of matchy-matchiness that felt fresh, not geriatric. Of course, there were non-coordinated moments, too, but since we all have a pair (or five) of neutral-toned heels in our closet, this new-again styling tip is easy to recreate at home. As for the rest of the shoes, the sparkly, super-high Louboutins drew mixed reviews, but we liked the fashion-is-fun feel of the deliberately mismatched look. We would recommend knocking off an inch (or even two) from that heel height for walking's sake, though.
Coats were another strong point and the parade of lovely options made any holes in our own closet blatantly obvious. Every girl needs a long, printed statement topcoat, a pretty bomber jacket, a to-the-floor wool duster, and a guys-inspired boxy jacket, we've come to learn. And, seeing them all together in what's possibly the coolest-ever jacket collection gave us total topper envy. As usual, Saunders' beautiful sweaters stole the show, proving to work as well paired with glittering skirts and stilettos as they do with just jeans and sneakers. Click through to see a few stand-out images from the runway plus a couple close-ups of the hose-on-shoe double-downs.

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