Check Out This Slideshow Of An Insane Nail Art Exhibition

Nail art has forced anyone with a taste for prints and patterns to reconsider their mani routine, but the world of decals and press-ons isn't exactly complaining. A new exhibit at Salon 94 (inside of Freemans) celebrates not only the over-the-top sculptural aspect of nail culture, but the bling-inspired culture from whence it came. Chicago artist Dzine has created a series of nail art—along with accompanying paintings—that would make Nicki Minaj salivate. H.R. Giger-like black acrylic ooze off of fingertips, and claw add-ons are Swarovski-encrusted. The show reads like a celebration of bombastic urban culture and an exhibit of some really mind-bending nail art. We know where Gaga will go next for her out-of-this-world manicure.
Salon 94. Tuesday-Saturday, 11A.M. to 6 P.M. 1 Freeman Alley (near Rivington Street); 212-979-0001.

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