Save Animals With the Fur Off Your Back (Or Out The Back Of Your Closet)

For those of us heirs to hairs who have been bequeathed fur coats from our mothers and grandmothers of a different pre-PETA fashion era, you no longer need to harbor remorse for owning pelts. Now, thanks to the Humane Society’s Coats for Cubs program, folks are able to donate real fur coats to help out animals in need.
Wildlife preservationists throughout the country are utilizing cozy furs to help heal orphaned animals like rabbits, raccoons, foxes, and deer. Many of these animals refuse to eat and are completely shell-shocked after losing their mothers or being separated from their families, and a donated fur coat-turned-bedding becomes their new nest.
Circle of life, much? Rescuers even poke holes in the fur and stick bottles inside, simulating a nursing mother. Want to make an ethical decision with your fur wonder? Learn more about how to donate your duds here.
Photographed by Jackie Singer

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