The Ultimate Celebrity Outfit Starter Kit

The reason celebrities are always so well dressed can be summed up in one word: stylists. While it's true that regular, non-famouses can be just as (and oftentimes, much more) stylish than superstars, famous people have the added edge by having people who are literally paid to make sure they look perennially chic. Imagine what kinds of outfits you'd rock if there was someone at your side who did research for inspiration, combed through all the clothing options available, tailored every finds, and spent time combining all those pieces in interesting ways.

Just because we don’t have stylists on our payroll doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of their skills. If you’ve always wanted to take a page from your favorite star’s style book but didn’t know where to begin, or if you just want to steal stylist secrets without actually hiring one, then we’ve got the ultimate outfit starter kit for you.

Ahead, check out our breakdowns of the go-to looks of five famous ladies, and take a look at what you can buy for yourself to get started on your road to fashion fame.
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Solange Knowles
As fans of the whimsical print-mixing that was formerly Solange Knowles' style M.O., we shed a tear when she revealed she was rebooting her style. Luckily for us, this next stage of her sartorial evolution has proved just as inspiring. The younger Knowles' new favorites are one-color outfits that manage to be the opposite of basic; she frequently wears monochrome combinations in bright primary colors or clean white. Her all-white-everything ensembles are composed of dramatic, almost architectural separates, accented with structured bags in soft beige and finished off with mules in varying shades of nude. A 180 from her previous patterns? Perhaps, but we’ll keep taking cues from her just the same.
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Outfit 2
Few look as ethereal as this when trying to catch a connecting flight.
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Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images.
Outfit 3
It's just four pieces (dress, coat, shoes, and bag), but it's perfection.
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Step up your white T-shirt game with this better-than-a-basic top.
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Solange is a big fan of voluminous pants with an interesting detail. These flowing culottes with an asymmetrical hem were basically made for her.
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Nude mules are perfect for day-to-night wear.
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A structured bag like this one in a neutral tone is a multi-season essential.
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Diane Kruger
This onetime model turned successful actress (Cara, are you taking notes?) has long been a friend of Chanel. When it comes to her go-to outfits, she repeatedly turns to a combination that's even more classic than the Chanel tweed suit: stripes and denim. More specifically, she goes for a Breton stripe T-shirt or sweater on top and blue denim below. She often pairs this kit with black or brown boots and a large structured black bag — the better to carry all her essentials for the airport, where she's routinely photographed. Completing the look is a pair of round glasses. Use Kruger's style as a guide for your fly(ing) style — or for wherever.
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Outfit 2
Sweaters and bootcuts.
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Outfit 3
A scoop-neck and extreme flares make this version date night ready.
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I know, we're always talking about how great stripes are, but who can blame us? Bring on the Breton!
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Go with skinnies, sure, but how nice do these look?
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Diane Kruger is always on the go. Did you notice that she's at the airport in all three shots? It's no wonder she loves booties with a low heel — they're comfortable without compromising style.
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A classic frame can be played up in a fun color without losing any timeless charm.
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Photo: GVK/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.
If there's one thing that can be definitively said about RiRi's fashion choices, it's that she never looks like anyone else. Her penchant for sheer slip dresses is well-documented, but this season, she has thoroughly embraced the athleisure aesthetic. On another person, her customary baseball cap, logo tee or sweatshirt, boyish loose pants, and thick-soled lace-up sneakers might read “I may have just woken up” — but since it's Rihanna, her ensembles look deliberately chic. If you're really gunning for the whole look, don't forget her signature (literally) name-plate necklace.
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Outfit 2
Playboy T-shirts and pastel pink Pumas.
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Outfit 3
Let RiRi's swishy pants inspire you to go digging in your old bedroom next time you're home.
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Rihanna is a known fashion fiend and major musician, too, so this Lagerfeld-meets-Metallica tee is perfect for her.
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The multicolored plaid peeking through these boyfriend jeans take the distressing from grungy to playful.
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The best thing about athleisure has definitely been the widespread availability of awesome sneakers.
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Brands these days certainly know how to make a snapback.
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Photo: Alo Ceballos/Getty Images.
Lena Dunham
The Girls actress is known for being down-to-earth, and her no-fuss style reflects that. For walking around the city, Dunham prefers A-line dresses in feminine prints and sturdy black heels, topped off with jackets in dark neutrals. She also often totes around a structured crossbody bag. Classic, practical, and easy to throw on — what more could a girl ask for? Bonus points for the fact that her style formula is as appropriate for pavement-pounding as it is for the office (especially when the AC is on full blast, which is always).
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Outfit 2
We're loving the juxtaposition between that wallpaper print and that bomber jacket.
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Outfit 3
This black-and-white ensemble screams Factory Girl.
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This dress features a classic paisley print — with an out-of-this-world twist.
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We love the slightly oversized shape of this double-breasted blazer.
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Sandals like these won't hurt after a long day of walking around or, in Lena's case, filming, writing, and living our #lifegoals.
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The slim profile of this bag makes it sleek and practical.
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Photo: Alex B. Huckle/Getty Images.
Zoë Kravitz
In the last few years, Cinna and Denise Huxtable's daughter has become an actress in her own right. She's joined our pantheon of cool girls, thanks in part to her easygoing but on-point outfits — they give her the air of being perennially ready to drop by a chill music festival. Kravitz favors breezy spaghetti-strap shift dresses in muted patterns and colors paired with black booties. In terms of jewelry, she’s a fan of stacked metal bracelets and close-fitting necklaces — and she always has a pair of perfectly circular sunglasses perched on her nose. We’ll take one of everything she owns, thanks.
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Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images.
Outfit 2
Here's our girly in a plaid romper and serious shit-kicking creepers.
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Photo: RGK/PacificCoastNews.
Outfit 3
This one is covered up with a long duster coat, but no less breezy.
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The asymmetrical hem on this wrap dress-slip combo makes it more interesting than your regular LBD.
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The hardware on these babies punches up an otherwise simple bootie.
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Stacked bangles are a boho staple.
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Kravitz has turned this basic into her signature accessory.

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