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Cuff At The Knees: A Quick Fix To Shortening Your Pants

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This story was originally published on January 11, 2015.

As fellow ladies with legs shorter than sample size know, we've been attempting to change the length of our jeans since we started wearing jeans. After decades of making it work, you probably have your go-to method by now. But, just because your ankle-cuff, under-fold, or safety-pin technique is a no-brainer, that doesn't mean there's no grief involved. Jeans often end up looking too bulky around the ankles or constantly falling down, so you have to re-cuff and re-tuck multiple times a day.
But, the most annoying part about tucking or cuffing the bottom of your jeans is it just doesn't look as crisp as the original hem of a pant. And, even if you do take your jeans to a tailor, a basic re-hem looks weak and slightly baggy compared to the original (unless your tailor can do a specific rolled-denim stitch and taper the leg, which can cost way more). If you've got agita from above, we're here to soothe: The solution is quick, free, and will make it look as though your jeans just came that way. Watch the video above for our slight tweak on a basic style move — you might just cancel your next trip to the tailor.

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How To Cuff Skinny JeansReleased on January 11, 2015