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Don't Start From The Bottom: A Better Way To Cuff Your Shirt Sleeves

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Some call it the "GQ cuff." Some call it the "J.Crew cuff." One of our own staffers is adamant that it's the "Grandpa Louie cuff." But, credit where it's due: Badasses the world over have been doing this since the advent of sleeves — which doesn't mean it's intuitive to pull off. Mastering this trick requires being taught (which is where we come in).
A traditional rolled-up shirt sleeve is no good for two reasons: As you go up the arm, it gets more and more difficult to keep rolling — not to mention that when you're above your elbow, that cuff gets so constricting it practically cuts off your circulation. This version helps you bypass that tricky part while creating a roll that's comfortable but secure. For whatever reason, it has remained on the fringe of the sleeve-cuff set, but no more. Press play for the long and short of it.

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How To Cuff Shirt SleevesReleased on January 14, 2015