6 Pet Owners On Their Fur-Fighting, Odor-Busting Cleaning Hacks

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
A fact of adult life: Sometimes clean people end up living with messy people — and sometimes, those messy people aren't people at all... they're animals. Maintaining any semblance of order in spaces shared with pets can feel like a constant battle between good and hair-coated everything evil. Although we'd never dream of trading our furry friends for a lifetime of spotless home space, some cleaning hack secret weapons are a survival necessity.
We tapped six pet owners for advice on how to wage a fair fight against everything from rogue hair to abrupt stains to unforeseen mystery smells. And we learned that while life with animals is messy, there are always creative ways to make it manageable — because at the end of the day, our fur friends come first.
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illustrated by Anna Sudit.
"Daily vacuuming is really the only way I've found to stay ahead of the pet mess. Until I can marry someone who likes to do that, a Roomba is the next best version." — Quintard, one cat.
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illustrated by Anna Sudit.
"Trading in my Swiffer for an old-school mop has changed my life with pets! So easy to clean up floors and any pet-related mess. Also, beige or grey furniture/blankets hide almost all dog hair!" — Emily, two dogs.
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illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
"Brush them regularly, at least once a week. We use this thing to brush ours and it's convenient and the cats don't totally hate it, but you still need to do it regularly to cut down on shedding." — Olivia, two cats.
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illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
"After you clean out your pet's hairbrush or empty the vacuum of pet hair and place the hair in the trash can, put a wet paper towel on top so that the hair doesn't fly out and get everywhere as you throw stuff on top." — Sara, one dog.
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illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
"I use latex gloves to brush the cat fur off my couch. I read that tip online somewhere and kind of scoffed at it as one of those hacks that doesn't work, but watch one Youtube video and you'll see what I mean. You can use one pair of latex gloves versus 100 million of those lint roller sheets." — Claudette, two cats.
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illustrated by Abbie Winters.
"Place safely-sealed packs of coffee beans in places where you want to neutralize any pet-made odors — like beneath their beds, bowls, or toy and litter boxes." — Lilly, one cat and one dog.
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