6 Pet Owners On Their Fur-Fighting, Odor-Busting Cleaning Hacks

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
A fact of adult life: Sometimes clean people end up living with messy people — and sometimes, those messy people aren't people at all... they're animals. Maintaining any semblance of order in spaces shared with pets can feel like a constant battle between good and hair-coated everything evil. Although we'd never dream of trading our furry friends for a lifetime of spotless home space, some cleaning hack secret weapons are a survival necessity.
We tapped six pet owners for advice on how to wage a fair fight against everything from rogue hair to abrupt stains to unforeseen mystery smells. And we learned that while life with animals is messy, there are always creative ways to make it manageable — because at the end of the day, our fur friends come first.

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