Don't Travel For The Holidays Without These

We tend to worry a lot about what to bring other people when we travel for the holidays, not so much what we bring for ourselves. And while that may be completely in the spirit of the season, paying just a smidgen of attention to what we toss into our carry-ons before heading home can make a world of difference. The 10 items ahead aim to do just that...and maybe even prevent an awkward seasonal run-in.

Pieced together from Neiman Marcus, this packing list — including an instant polish-adding sleeveless jacket and a dress you can style for any impromptu affair — puts an end to overpacking due to sheer panic. Instead, these items will help you thoughtfully plan for the unforeseeable (yet inevitable) during the holidays. After all, you’re bound to run into your old high-school flame at some reunion or, at the very least, get caught up in another tradition: travel delays. At least now, you'll be prepared.
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The Any-Party Party Dress
Pair with sneakers and a turtleneck, and you're ready for a holiday movie marathon at the Main Street cineplex. But toss on heels and a couple of blindingly pretty cuff bracelets, and you can head to your favorite local wine bar's annual bash.
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The Non-Basic Layering Piece
You'll be thankful to have packed an extra layer and the ability to add a pop of collar. And it's even more exciting when it comes via a quirky pattern.
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The Subtle Statement-Maker
Skip chandelier styles and piles of baubles for a modern, elegant, eye-catching accessory. Your hometown crew will be impressed.
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The Family-Approved PJs
When you and your fiancé's grandfather run into each other in the kitchen at 3 a.m. looking for a snack, you'll be thankful you wore this rather than a pair of boxers and a ripped tee.
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The "Remember Me?" Outfit
Be it the townie that broke your heart or anyone at your HS reunion, there's a reason you should pack a power party piece that'll make you feel on top of your game when you finally, albeit briefly, reunite.
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The Gift You Always Forget
Or at the very least, it's a present for the hostess of the fancy NYE soiree you weren't originally planning to go to. While this might not be something you pack for yourself, you'll be happy you brought it when a last-minute gifting need comes up.
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The Instant Polisher
Never underestimate the power of a tailored, long-length vest. It can add sophistication and polish to anything it's tossed over, be it jeans you haven't worn since the last time you were home or the new dress your S.O.'s mom gifted you that's not quite your style.
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Jeans That Can Survive Plane Delays
...and then still be cute enough to wear to dinner with your parents when you finally arrive.
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Party (& Not Party-Foul) Shoes
With a shiny, leather finish and a thick, study sole, these shoes are dance-floor on the top and danger-proof on the bottom.
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The Parka That Lets You Partake
Don't overdo it on packing outerwear, but do bring something that allows you to tag along when your family hits the slopes or decides to build a snowman. It is vacation, after all.
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