5 Combos That Will Make Breakfast Your Favorite Meal

Scrambled eggs for breakfast? Yawn. Standard-issue pancakes? Predictable. To effectively get us out of bed in the a.m., we prefer a morning meal that's a bit more decadent. If you're not one for typical breakfast fare either, rejoice! We've got five rule-breaking alternatives that will elevate your morning and only require a bit of pre-planning.

The simple secret to alt-breakfast success lies in creating a grocery list that'll streamline (and liven up) morning cooking with items like throwback cereals, exotic skyr, and even a few tins of salmon. Plus, it's always worth popping out in your PJs to grab a bottle of something bubbly — like Moët Ice Impérial — to transform your meal into a full-on brunch spread. Get ready to change the way you see breakfast.
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Skyr & Granola Parfait
Know about skyr yet? The tangy Norwegian and Icelandic yogurt (okay, it’s technically not yogurt but a similar cultured dairy product) is perfect for a sweet parfait. We like layering the silky stuff in a mason jar with crunchy granola, freeze-dried raspberries, and rich dark-chocolate shavings. Just make sure to snap a well-lit photo before digging in — it’s too pretty not to.
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Elevated AM Grilled Cheese
Let the record show that there is no law stating you can’t call a luxe Champagne and grilled cheese pairing "breakfast." Think about it: Nobody looks twice at a mimosa, so what's wrong with Champagne flying solo? Furthermore, cheese and bread are included in many a socially accepted breakfast dish. Therefore, bubbly and breakfast grilled cheese is totally valid...and genius. We’re partial to an ultra-fancy, classed-up iteration made with gooey Brie and a few slivers of juicy pear on buttery brioche. Serve it with a chilled ice-cube-filled teacup of Moët Ice Impérial, and you’ve got yourself one lovely morning.
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Maple Waffle Sundae
The best part of adulthood might be the ability to eat ice cream wherever and whenever you please. We love using toasted mini waffles as a base for a few scoops of vanilla-bean ice cream and a hearty topping of crispy-rice cereal and thick slices of banana. Instead of caramel or fudge, drizzle the whole shebang with pure maple syrup, which adds breakfast cred, obviously.
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Crunchified French Toast
If this embellished French toast recipe doesn't change your life, it'll at least change your morning. Start by whipping up standard French toast with pantry staples like bread, eggs, butter, and milk, but dip the slices in crushed-up pieces of your favorite throwback cereal before tossing 'em into a sizzling pan. The eye-popping result rockets you right back to childhood in the best way possible.
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Breakfast Fried Rice With Salmon
Canned salmon is a lazy chef's unlikely friend, as it easily upgrades leftovers into a brand-new meal. Take fried rice, for example, which just so happens to be a morning standby in many Asian countries. Simply toss last night’s rice into an oiled pan with canned salmon, any veggies you have on hand, and a fried egg on top (to steer it into decidedly breakfast territory). Heat on medium until warmed through and, voilà, international breakfast is served.

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