May We Remind You Of All The Reasons You Used To Love Flares?

There was a time when the word "jeans" automatically conjured up images of low-rise flares. They were the standard denim paradigm — the absolute normalest of all shapes and styles of jeans. But when skinny jeans started replacing them in the mid-2000s, flares fell out of favor in a big way. These days, your Platonic ideal of "jeans" probably looks something like a mid-rise skinny. Sorry, flares.
But if the street style scene during the various Fashion Weeks around the world have shown, flares might be attempting a comeback. Sure — it might be too soon, but it's worth looking into, especially if you still have a pair of Sevens or Hudsons in the back of your closet somewhere. So, let's head down memory lane and rehash some of the things we used to love about our flares.

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