10 Things That Transformed My Workout

I wasn't totally new to fitness when I started The Anti-Diet Project, but I was new to doing it right. In the last nine months, I've learned what it really takes to maintain a a sustainable exercise routine without going too crazy or getting bored. Turns out, the main thing is an attitude adjustment. But, there have been many other things that really kept me going when the going got sleepy or sore or thirsty or, fine, a little boring.
There are a lot of fitness tools out there, and some of them are great. But, others are simply bullshit. Some are even dangerous in the wrong hands. I'm not saying the Shake Weight can't give you toned arms, but it definitely can give you a black eye when your friend is trying to take a funny picture of you trying it out at Target. (Not that anything like that has ever happened to me because I am an adult and have never gone to Target after happy hour, ever. What is Target? Shut up.)
Some of these items are random, and others are so simple that I cannot believe how much they've actually impacted my workout. Some of them aren't items at all. Some may be totally obvious to you, but they were not obvious to me. And, I'm here for the newbs, too. When it comes right down to it, a fitness tool is anything that gets you moving and helps keep you moving — or at least helps to prevent the nonsense that might stop you from moving (i.e. jumping-jack boobs). These 10 items are my personal, teeny-tiny saviors. None of them will actually work out on your behalf or drag you out of bed in the morning. Sorry. You have to do the actual doing. But, some of these not-so-secret weapons might provide the little push you need to keep going in those tough moments. In my opinion, that's the secret to long-term fitness — a big, better attitude and a little extra help.
The Anti-Diet Project runs on Mondays twice a month. You can also follow my journey on Twitter and Instagram at @mskelseymiller or #antidietproject. And, grab that hashtag too! What are your mandatory workout must-haves?

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