20 Style Moves Only Fashion People "Get"

Everyone who wears clothes knows the basic function of garments: To protect your body and to keep you from being naked. Those who understand fashion take it a step further: Clothes can elongate and slim down, and make you look "cuter" and "sexier." But, those who understand style go somewhere else altogether: The real point of clothes is to look as interesting and creative as you are interesting and creative (which is to say, a whole lot).
So, the next time people attempt to throw shade at your new (vintage) overalls because they think they make you look like The Old Man and the Sea's Santiago — if Santiago lived in the Bronx in 1993 and had a side gig as a sushi chef? Well — you know what level they're on. Ahead, find 20 style moves that have nothing to do with "flattering shapes" or "cute combinations," but are — for some of you — your tried-and-true go-tos that help you give your outfits that magical next-level something.

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