20 Everyday Earrings That'll Make Your Outfit Instantly Fancy

During the morning grind, it's hard to determine what about your outfit isn't working. Yes, you put it together in under two minutes — and, yes, you haven't had your morning coffee, so you're a little more critical of your sartorial choices. You just know something's off and your #OOTD might not feel as special as it could. There's a simple solution to this a.m. quandary: forget-you're-wearing-them studs and skimmers that are as easy as they are sparkly.

They can be subtle, elegant studs that elevate your work dress; an eye-catching, colored crystal that perfectly match the stripes on your button-down; or even a sparkling skimmer that adds edge to an otherwise ordinary outfit. They're easy and worth incorporating into your morning routine. Trust us: The five seconds it takes to put them on will make a world of a difference. To prove it, we found 20 of these lovely additions to your jewelry box that'll add some sparkle to your a.m. routine.

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