Rockabilly Done Right: Zoo Mag's Glam-Greaser Editorial

With the '80s and '90s revival running rampant, it's easy to forget about the '50s, an all-American decade that gave us Elvis, poodle skirts, greasers, and Liberace. So we were thrilled to be reminded of this era's greatness in the latest issue of Zoo Magazine. In "Thunder in God's Country," Denisa Dvorakova is decked out in updated rockabilly style—think loose pompadours, vests with frayed shoulders, slim, plaid button-downs with rolled-up sleeves, and a skin-tight jumpsuit/overalls hybrid, reminiscent of the wild west and a rock and roll show all at once. Clément Chabernaud gets in on the action in a mirrored blazer layered over a railroad-striped denim jacket, proving that you can channel The King without looking too ridiculous. Tell us about it, stud. (Fashion Gone Rogue)

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