Real-Life Mystery: YSL's Stolen Erotic Sketches, Journals, & More

The house of YSL is having a very difficult time escaping controversy lately. What with designer Hedi Slimane's catty open letter to Cathy Horyn and its nightmare name changes (and resulting PR snafus), this newest bit of news brings old lovers, lost letters, naked sketches, and possible theft into the mix.
In a story right out of a mystery novel, Yves Saint Laurent's business partner and lover, Pierre Bergé, is alleging that one of YSL's portfolios, which contained around 400 pieces of personal items (including a journal, portraits, a Helmut Newton photograph, an Andy Warhol drawing, and erotic sketches), was stolen from YSL's apartment — and former lover Fabrice Thomas is to blame.
The portfolio is now in the hands of an anonymous German businessman, who plans to sell the collection for millions of dollars and — apparently — was already circulating the images around galleries; it was through a Berlin art director that WWD first saw a digital version of an erotic, YSL-signed sketch. In addition, a Christie's specialist had seen the erotic sketches twice in the past 10 years.
With a book, two movies, and a random Swiss bank that claims to have the whole shebang in its possession, the whole situation is a convoluted, delightful mess. For real fans of mystery and intrigue, we suggest clicking over to WWD to read the whole thing. (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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