Your New Style-Obsessed Must-See TV: Fashion Drama Jane By Design Debuts Tonight

When we need a hit of drama laced with fashion, we head to ABC Family. The drop-dead style in Pretty Little Liars? The addictive drama of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? If you haven’t spent at least one night vegging in front of these delicious shows, you’re definitely missing some good screen time. Tonight, we’ll add one more bonbon-flavored pleasure to our list of ABC Fam treats – Jane By Design. Obviously, network execs must've known we were watching because they’ve created a mélange of our favorite things – teen drama and high-fashion obsessiveness – in this story of a young misfit who’s forced to balance her high school social life with a secret job in the studios of a top designer. Hormones, deceit, and great duds? Yummy. If you need us this evening, don’t bother us at 9/8c. We’ll be on the couch, popcorn popped and ready.

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