ALL Of The Major Younger Moments So Far

"There is no perfect plan to getting your life right." This proclamation is what Younger is all about. It’s a sage piece of advice that Liza (Sutton Foster) gives Kelsey (Hilary Duff) in season 2, and a lesson she’s learning the hard way as a 40-year-old divorcée starting her life over.
Younger totally rejects the notion that women have to have it all figured out at any age, and that’s what makes the show so compelling to watch. Between its inspiring message and epic one-liners, the series strikes the rare balance between heartfelt and hilarious.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up the most unforgettable moments from the past seasons to refresh your memory before the new season premieres June 28. And if you haven’t seen any of it, you can follow along here as you binge-watch or pick up with the new season. Turns out, there is no perfect plan to watching a TV show, either.
(Warning: Spoilers for Younger ahead.)

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