Dream Ticket: This Backpack Will Make Your City Schlepping Worth It

We'll admit it: We balked when we heard about The Row's $55,000 backpack. Who would ever spend more than 50 bucks on a backpack, we wondered. It's basically just a glorified fanny pack, meant to haul around unglamorous items like day planners, packs of kleenex, and leftover sandwiches, right?
But then, we found Yliana Yepez's version — and we hate to be dramatic, but everything changed. This gorgeous bag of buttery burgundy leather is like a stuff-carrier's dream come true. And, it's chic enough that you can rock it to all your work events — trust us, this backpack is worthy of your fanciest lip glosses and iPads. The Capri goes for a slightly steep $1,195, but you won't regret a single penny.
Yliana Yepez Capri Backpack, $1,195, available at Yliana Yepez.