Year of the Ox: 6 Gifts For a Happy Chinese New Year

We're all about the saying that you can't have too much of a good thing. So while memories of post-New Year's Eve hangovers are still fresh in our minds, we'll gladly go ahead and take round 2, the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. Beginning today, it's officially the Year of the Ox, and to get you in the festive spirit, we've selected 6 of our favorite gifts for that beloved bovine in your life. Whether you're ready to go all out with sparklers, dumplings, and lots of booze or simply slip a little money under the pillow, here's our roundup of everything from pinatas to hong baos (the traditional money envelopes), and even a happy buddha lamp for lighting up the night.

Above, left to right: Year of the Ox Stuffed Animal, $9.50, available at Pearl River, Peep Pals Ox Polymer Clay Earrings, $12, available at Etsy
ox-0126bAbove, left to right:Hong Bao Candy, $2.50, available at ,
Pearl River, Buddha Buddha Light, $34, available at Urban Outfitters.
ox-0126cAbove, left to right:Chinese "Lucky Money" Envelopes, $1.79, available at Amazon, Gold Quartz Pinata, $135, available at Confetti System.

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