How One WWE Diva Sticks To Her Resolutions & Deals With Instagram Haters

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We're only a few weeks into January, and already our New Year's resolutions are looking pretty rough. So we turned to WWE Diva Eva Marie, who's also one of the stars of of Total Divas (returning January 19), for advice.

Marie, 31, joined WWE a few years ago to some chilly fan reception due to her initial lack of pro wrestling experience. But since then, she's become known for both her truly amazing red hair and putting in tons of effort to hone her craft. However, keeping up her insane level of fitness on the road with WWE isn't exactly easy.

We asked her for a little extra guidance on how to stick to our workout, nutrition, and confidence goals this year.

Do you have any resolutions? Any advice for sticking to them?

"I have quite a few, actually. Every year, my husband and I sit down and write down our New Year's resolutions or our goals for the upcoming year. I feel like, if I put a pen to paper, that’s always good, because I can actually visually see [my list of goals]. I also travel with it, so I can look at it every day."

"Life is so busy and hectic that sometimes we lose track of certain [goals] that we set for our own selves. That’s what I do to make sure that I’m striving toward attaining at least one of [my goals] every single day, even if it's just making sure I get a sweat in...especially because I think it’s important for people to take that time for themselves, whatever it may be."

"My husband and I started this year making a vision board, and I will constantly add to it. For example, one day in WWE, I would like to be Divas champ. So the title is going to go on my vision board."

How do you stay confident and deal with your Instagram haters?
"When I first started [with WWE], it definitely got to me; it bothered me. You know, I’m human. So I want everyone to like me and adore me and things like that. But the fact that I do play a bad guy on WWE TV also opens up the door for more negativity and hate."

"Now it doesn’t really affect me too much, because if you’re commenting and following me, obviously I’m doing something right. If they took time out of their day to write a comment — whether it's negative or positive — that’s an assurance that I’m doing something right. So I take whatever negativity they’re projecting onto me and turn it into a positive, or else it can definitely kill you mentally."

Life is so hectic that sometimes we lose track of goals that we set for our own selves.

Eva Marie
How do you stick to your fitness and nutrition plans on the road?
"It was very difficult when I was brand new — I had never even traveled before I was in WWE. And then, this week alone, I was on the West Coast, flew into Lafayette, LA, and then to Milwaukee yesterday. The time difference definitely messes with your system."

"But what I’ve tried to do is break a sweat every day, no matter what, because even at my hotel there’s usually a hotel gym. And then eating healthy is extremely important to me, so I’ve been trying to stick with that: fruits, veggies, and protein. And [I try not to allow] myself to get hungry, because that’s when I want to eat something that I probably shouldn’t have."

"I always have some fruit with me, because it’s so easy. It’s one of those things where I’m going to pull an apple out of my bag and I’m good. That will curb my appetite for a little bit until I can get where I need to go and have an actual meal. But right now, I’m trying to stay away from too many snacks, because they’re usually all full of sugar. I’d rather get my sugar from a natural source, like fruit, instead of a protein bar."

What's your favorite workout song?
"Right now, I’m obsessed with Nicki Minaj. She has a song "Moment 4 Life," and I just love it. I love the lyrics; I love everything about it. it defintitely pumps me up and gets me going."

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