The Only Song You Need To Get Through This Week

The right music can make or break your workout. That's why we tapped some of the best instructors, trainers, and DJs to curate the perfect soundtrack for every session.
This Week: Jackie Dragone of Flex Studios in NYC
As any person dripping sweat in the middle of a workout will tell you, the music the instructor plays sets the tone. You can get lost in the pulsating beat of a high-energy track, and it can help you push through that seemingly impossible final set of muscle-shaking squats. And, when the beat slows down and the melody relaxes, you know you’re in the home stretch.
"For me, music and movement have always gone together,” explains Jackie Dragone, co-director of the FlexBarre program at Flex Studios in NYC. “Music can intensify emotions, which can push you to achieve your best as an athlete.”
So, if your muscles are burning as you face yet another set of push-ups — or if you just need to muster the energy for a long day at work — turn on this playlist. It all hinges on The Chainsmokers' remix of Tove Lo’s track, “Habits (Stay High).”
“You can get lost in it in a way that makes you re-focus,” Dragone says. “Just when you thought you were tired, you remember how much fun it is to move to music.” Check out Dragone's playlist below. Your Monday needs it.

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