5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Nov 02 2014

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Here's a reason to remove a few candles from your next birthday cake: The revamped “fitness age” test shows that the age of your body is really the one that matters. Go ahead, take the quiz. Then, maybe go for a run.
Kale, salmon, and blueberries are the usual superfood suspects. Now, there’s a new batch of nutrient-rich produce fighting for your attention — and space on your dinner plate. From the root vegetable salsify to a gluten-free grain, here are seven surprising superfoods to snack on. (Q By Equinox)
Need a push to get pumped up, workout-wise? This mobile app wants to make personal trainers way more accessible and budget-friendly. (Tech Crunch)
Don’t get stuck in the sweat-eat-sleep-repeat cycle. Here are three ways to check in with your body to see if your workouts are actually paying off. (SHAPE)
Sure, Shazam’s auto-tracking feature has been around for some time, but using it in this scenario is going to change your gym game — and make your life way easier.

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