Words of Wisdom: Gaby Basora's Nan Can't Be Stopped!

As our Words of Wisdom series – inspired by Esteé Lauder's Drops of Advice campaign – rolls on, we're collecting quite a bit clever counsel from our favorite people. Today, we're getting a boost from none other than the designer of one of our favorite collections, Tucker by Gaby Basora. Basora's always credited her success to her family for indulging her interests in fabric and sewing – but we've never gotten a look at the most interesting member of her flock, until now.
Gaby Basora, Designer, Tucker by Gaby Basora
"I am lucky to have crossed paths with some great women in my lifetime. Unstoppable women. My grandmother, a mother to four sons, has been one of my fiercest advocates. And even though I have an unstoppable mother, as well, Grandma Nan took me under her wing as a 'daughter.' My studio burned down over the past summer and Nan, 95, called me every day to say that she believed in me and in my strength to rebuild because I came from her and she was made of strong stuff. And strong she is, even at 4'11”! At 95 years old, she wears stilettos and Alexander McQueen leggings, MIU MIU sunglasses, a Tucker blouse, and shoes that she paints over with nail polish when she tires of the color."
Some of her sayings:
'Laugh at everything.'
'There is plenty of time to rest when they put the dirt over you.'
'Don’t give a goddam what other people think of you.'
'Put on your eyebrows and your lips — you never know what the day will bring — and show up.'
Photos: Courtesy Gaby Basora.

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