What’s In Your Bag? Beauty Essentials For Every Personality

Open your bag, and what do you see? We're guessing it's a collection of old receipts, excess change, and some smushed-up, forgotten snack. But aside from being what is basically a garbage receptacle, a status symbol, and/or a pretty accessory to complete your outfit, a bag serves as the carrier to all the secret weapons that get us through each day. Take, for example, the "squad mom" of your group. She's the one who carries everything you need but never seem to have on hand (like a Carefree pantyliner for those times Mother Nature unexpectedly visits). Are you someone who's always rushing to and from events? You probably lug around a selection of bold makeup and some just-in-case flats. The point — what you put inside your purse each morning is symbolic of who you are.
With that theory in mind (and because, face it, you probably need to clean out your bag), we put together six "purse kits" for every personality. These are the go-to items you need to get your day rolling and get you where you need to go, tailored to your personality. Read on to find yours, and tell us in the comments what essentials you pack each morning.

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