Out Of Line? This Woman Was Nailed For Polishing Her Fingers On A Plane

When you're flying, there are many things a fellow traveler can do to tee you off when taking off, but we may have just found the one that flies highest on the list (or at least close to the top). Last weekend, a woman en route to L.A. from Houston started painting her nails in her seat, right on the runway. As if the teensy cabin wasn't claustro enough, can you imagine breathing in those nasty toxic fumes just so your seat mate can get primped for landing?
When the Southwest flight attendant asked her to put the polish away, she — get this — moved to the restroom to finish! Our favorite part is what she had to say about the whole in-flight fiasco: "I said, 'I'm sorry, I apologize,' and put it away, but that's when I discovered I only had two nails left to paint, so I thought if I went in the bathroom and did it, I wouldn't offend anyone."
We're sure no one in her jail cell noticed that two nails were left blank when she was detained there for over ten hours. Clearly this gutsy gal with gall never took Courtesy 101, but do you think getting thrown in the slammer for that long was a bit harsh? After all, Paris and Lindsay probably spent less time in cuffs for way more serious offenses, right? (ABC)

Photo and Video: Via ABC