With the Band

Auto gathers 15 new reasons to make a vow. by Christene Barberich
That band of gold—Long have couples quarreled and kvetched over the less-than-inspired offerings out there for soul mates-to-be. And with the evolving meaning behind matrimony and the marriage vow in general, it's time for a new breed of commitment rings to start making their way down the aisles.
Having already become a haven for unconventional jewelry designers and unique wearable arts, the shop Auto has commissioned 15 of their favorite jewelers to re-envision the commitment ring. "The idea came about from popular demand really," says owner and designer Renata Bokalo. "We had so many customers who wanted something untraditional, one-of-kind, or simply customized. Most of the jewelers were either already creating or in the process of creating these rings, so it was perfect timing."
Running the gamut from more classic diamond bands to coiled mythical serpents with diamond eyes, these rings are a blatant reminder that every bond is different, just like the band. Check out our five favorite lords and ladies of the rings.
hannahclark_wtband1. Hannah Clark—Single gold snake ring
"This ring is the Ouroborus, a snake eating its own tail. It is one of the most ancient mystical symbols, and in this case represents infinity, eternity. The snake motif was popular with the Victorians, owing to the fact that Albert gave Victoria a snake ring as her engagement ring." —Hannah Clark
Women's 18-karat-gold snake band with diamond eye, $495.
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pcrangi_withtheband2. Philip Crangi—Twist bands
"The bands I designed symbolize a balance in the life-force." —Philip Crangi
Men's twist rings in steel and 14-karat gold, from $180.
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stkilda_withtheband3. St. Kilda—Diamond Princess ring
"The Princess was inspired by an earring my friend brought back from India years ago. I was immediately drawn to it. It's definitely a nontraditional commitment ring because it doesn't play up the diamond solitaire. It's not about showing off a rock on a band or how much money you can spend. It's about choosing a ring because of the design element and how it makes you feel." —Nora Kogan, designer
Women's 18-karat-gold Princess ring with diamonds, $550.
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acornsonring_r294. Andrea Corson—Sculptural bands
"These commitment rings are simple and elegant. The openness, bumps, and curves in the styles represent a lifetime of journeys ahead." —Andrea Corson
Women's thin platinum band, $740, platinum men's thick band, $1,850; also available in 14-karat and 18-karat gold.
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auto_withtheband5. Auto—Classic diamond bands
"We wanted to offer a simple ring that could be worn for weddings or for everyday as stacking rings. The fun part is being able to play with metals and stones, for example oxidizing gold and pairing it with champagne diamonds or yellow gold with rubies. The options are endless." —Renata Bokalo
Women's platinum band, $1,800, 14-karat oxidized gold band with champagne diamonds, $1,265; customization of any metal and any stone available.
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All rings available at Auto, 805 Washington Street (between Horatio and Gansevoort streets), 212-229-2292; www.thisisauto.com
Auto gathers 15 new reasons to make a vow.
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