7 Solutions To Your Biggest Winter Skin Problem

It's not always easy to remember to wear sunscreen in the summer, but it's hard to forget it completely. Warm temperatures plus the blazing sun make covering up kind of a no-brainer. But in the winter months, when it’s dark at noon and the thermometer rarely creeps above freezing, only a lunatic would be extra diligent with SPF, right?
Here’s the thing: Anytime it's light outside — meaning you’re not in a pitch-dark coal mine — you’re getting UVA and UVB exposure. Yes, even if there's a blizzard, and even if your breath freezes on your nostrils. That being said, it’s no fun to smear on greasy lotion when you’re icy-cold. Luckily, thanks to the advancements of science, there are plenty of ways to stay protected without breaking out the bottle.

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