Wifey.TV Offers Anti-Reality & Smart Content For Women — Yes, Please!

Screenshot-2013-12-03-16.59.01Photo: Courtesy of Wifey
While we're happy to see new programming geared towards women popping up all over the tube, we have to admit we're often a bit disheartened that so many of the shows meant for ladies are smack in the middle of the day. This fact practically screams old-school stereotypes of women not working and sitting around the house with nothing else to do other than watch sitcom reruns and daytime talk shows. Where is the content that revolves around the working woman's schedule?
With what appears to be this same question in mind, filmmaker Jill Soloway and web entrepreneur Rebecca Odes have collaborated on Wifey.TV — an online video aggregator and original source of content for women who lead crazy, dynamic, and busy lives and seek creative and alternative sources of inspiration and ideas.

“The sensibility of Wifey is, quite simply, stuff that Rebecca and I like,” Soloway told
Fast Company
. This stuff ranges from an interview with a stand-up comedian discussing her porn film to a clip showing what a gender neutral engineering toy looks like, to a scene of Hannah Horvath (a.k.a Lena Dunham) being Hannah Horvath.

While there is not too much original content at the moment, Soloway and Odes hope to raise money to make Wifey.TV a place where women can find anything and everything that matters to them. “We'd love to be a place where someone can ultimately say, ‘The only thing I watch is Wifey,'" Soloway said, "and know that everything that's part of the public conversation is there.”
And, though we absolutely love Wifey.TV and its mission, we're left wondering when we are going to see networks and programs on TV — not just the internet — with the same aims.
Click through to read the full interview with this inspirational duo. (Fast Company)

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