Here’s Why Chrome Is Making Your Computer Slow

Now that Chrome has an extremely vital Giphy extension, there are very few reasons to use a different browser. But, Chrome users may also notice their computers moving a little slower than usual. As Lifehacker explains, the browser's RAM-sucking capabilities may be to blame. Basically, RAM acts as your computer's short-term memory — it keeps track of stuff for you in the moment. So, Lifehacker says, Chrome makes every little extension, tab, or plugin its own separate task. This is mostly for your own good: If one thing crashes, like your GIF extension, the whole thing doesn't stop working. But, that also means Chrome may be doing the same thing a couple times at once, such as loading GIFs for all of 15 of your open tabs. Under normal circumstances, this shouldn't be noticeable. If you've got the RAM to spare, there's no reason not to use it up. But, if you just can't resist opening a new tab every 30 seconds, or you've loaded your browser with extensions, your RAM could be paying the price. You can make it fly fast again by holding back on those tabs and extensions. Or, you can use something like OneTab, which consolidates tabs you don't need at the moment, but don't want to forget. (Lifehacker)

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