All The Rad New Beauty Products Coming To Whole Foods In 2019

Whole Foods should be renamed Whole Life at this point. It’s dangerously easy to get lost in the aisles of the health emporium and spend our whole paycheck galavanting for groceries, making salads, and stalking new beauty products. Yes, our love for it runs deep — and it just got deeper.
The beauty aisle, in particular, is like a little paradise to scope out hair and skin-care products we don't need after picking up dinner and it's getting even better next year. We got a preview of new offerings coming to shelves in 2019 — like mushroom-based highlighter sticks, USDA-certified organic sheet masks, and detoxifying scalp scrubs — and we almost dropped our bulk almonds. You'll have to wait until February 2019 to get 'em at the chain, but a beauty lover can still plan ahead, right?
Keep clicking to see the newness you'll be able to shop in 2019 in Whole Foods' beauty department.

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