Whitie Tighties Are More Versatile Than You Think With This 3-D Exhibition

Naming your company Whitie Tighties is a bold move, considering the gaggles of now middle-aged women still obsessed with Marky Mark and his signature knickers. But the duo behind the moniker, Troy Sayakumane and Vaso Mitrou, rock just the right amount of irony and serious talent to pull off their tongue-and-cheek name. This duo of visionaries have been expressing their world views in a graphic manner since 2005 via their clothing line of bold, thought-provoking white t-shirts and underwear (duh!), and now they're extending their artistic scope to 3-D installations. This weekend, watch these two flex their creative skills at the art+architecture group show opening, a sprawling exhibition at the Gowanus Ballroom that is sure to contort the space, your senses, and your preconceptions of art (and briefs).
Show opens Thursday, July 8, with a reception between 6-11p.m., and it runs through Sunday, July 11. See the full schedule here.

Gowanus Ballroom, 55 9th Street (between Smith Street and 2nd Avenue); Brooklyn; 718-522-2905