Landon, Help! How Do I (& My Ample Booty) Wear White Jeans?

Photo: Courtesy of 3x1.
Spring is just around the corner, but more importantly, spring outfits are on the way. And, if you ask me, I'm ready to show some leg. But, everyone isn't quite so bushy-tailed to bare it all, so I'm here to help you meet your sartorial challenges head-on (or legs-first, as the case may be). Enter pretty much everyone's summer staple: the white jean. As common as this denim style is in spring, I'm surprised by how many girls feel like they can't wear them. Chelsea Pierce writes: "Landon, help! I've got a serious problem with white/light-colored pants. I keep buying them plain or printed with the intentions of a bitchin' outfit, but the thigh-to-ass ratio of my body is huge and I feel like I just can't get away with it. How do I make this shit work?"

First of all: Leave your ass alone.
It's the jeans that don't work, not your bum. Second: A curve-hugging silhouette in an on-trend color that fits every single person in all the right places does not exist.
We've got to find the pair for you, and I think you should invest in the W2 Crop Fray jean from 3x1. This pair is not only seasonally appropriate, but it's also uncomfortable. Yes, uncomfortable. Because, for at least the first few wears, these might not feel like the typical stretchy white jeans (that generally come with deflated price tags) you're probably used to wearing.  The less stretch your pant has, the less it'll pucker and pull, which is what you're probably intimidated by in the first place. This pair is made of 98% cotton with only 2% elasticity. A heavier material means less wear and tear and a longer lifespan, plus a smoother fit. No one really wants to be locked into a pair of denim with no stretch, but over time, these will mold to your body, becoming more comfortable than any cheapy, jegging-type pair you ever swore by.  Finally: Don't fear pants with personality. 
I like the rips on this style, because it's the perfect solution to treating your legs to some fresh air without doing the full reveal. The frayed edges also serve to set this pair apart from the others you might've tried — and hated — before. The last time I tried white denim was Isabel Marant for H&M's biker jean. They were probably the most disagreeable jeans I'd ever subjected my thighs to, but my friends never ceased to compliment them every time I yanked 'em on. Unfortunately, that pair died when I fumbled a pot of spaghetti I'd so carefully prepared on a date with a really frickin' charmant French policeman in Paris last year — so my final piece of advice is try not to spill anything on yours too soon. I hope this helps. See you next Saturday.

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