Where To Fix It: L.A.'s Best Tailor, Cobbler, and Cleaner

Who hasn't had a night ruined by a loose heel, undone hem, or wine stained dress? Worse yet, who hasn't tried to get them fixed only to have the heel fall off a week later, the hem hike up an inch, and the stain come back more permanent than ever? To make sure these sartorial catastrophes don't hinder you New Year's Eve swagger, get your party dress in order with some last minute mending at our favorite tailors, cobblers, and dry cleaners in L.A.
Elias Custom Tailoring
If the head shots covering the walls are any indication, Elias is the best tailor in town. Whether it's hemming a new party dress or subtitling adjusting your favorite vintage find, Elias can't be beat.
Elias Custom Tailoring, 1212 11th Street (at Wilshire) Santa Monica; 310-393-4424.
Village Cobbler
Is your favorite heel falling off? Evening clutch looking less than clutch? Then get thee to the Village Cobbler on the double! Known for their phenomenal service, prices, and creative Macgyver-ing of all shoe problems, this place is a must go for the shoe impaired.
Village Cobbler, 3345 S Hoover St (at Jefferson); Los Angeles; 213-747-7611.
Regency Cleaners
After a few holiday parties, every frock needs a quick pick-me-up at the dry cleaners. For an inexpensive fix that will have you coming back for more, Regency Cleaners is the way to go.
Regency Cleaners, 1411 Echo Park Avenue (at Montana) Los Angeles, CA 90026; 213-482-9986.

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