What We're Wearing: Kristian Takes His New Ben Minkoff Out To Play

Kristian Laliberte, New York Editor
What I'm Wearing: "Super sunglasses that were a gift from the gorgeous Carrie Koscal, American Apparel cords, Rugby oxford, Vince cardigan, a vintage Dior coat, brand-new J Shoes, and a Ben Minkoff bag that's my favorite thing this year."
What I'm Most Looking Forward To Most This Fashion Week: "I love getting to say hey to all the people I usually only email with. Plus, one of my best friends, Louise, is here from Cali, so that's been pretty swe-et."
What I'll Be Pulling Out Of My Closet: "It's always a challenge in the morning. I got a cool Bonobos suit that fits perfectly, still living in A.P.C.s, lots of denim shirts, a Balenciaga blazer I just rediscovered, and a new belted Barbour coat."
Most Memorable Valentine's Day: "My mom sent me a "boyfriend bar" this year. Is she trying to tell me something? But, hmm, watching a romantic comedy with some wine and sea salt caramels is always fun. Maybe next year someone will take me to Paris and buy me a Cartier Love bracelet."

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